12 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

12 Ways to Make Money on the Internet

Because I know one of the road maps that will make you 100% successful in this business and make you earn serious money.

For example rotas pilgrim road stories do not know if you heard of this book before the book but entered the bestseller list last year in Turkey. Hundreds of thousands, maybe millions.

So how did a book that sold so much came about?

The person who wrote this book, Mehmet Genc, ​​started to travel in 2010, long before he wrote this book. Four years later, he opens a blog called the traveler without a route to share his travel notes .

He tells all the experiences he has gained from his travels on his blog to the finest detail and starts to get traffic (visitors) to his blog via google with these detailed and high quality articles.

It also activated social media accounts at that time. The number of articles he wrote every day is increasing, and his writings begin to appear in the top positions on google.

More and more people are reading their posts every day and many people who come to read blog posts via google are starting to follow themselves on social media via social media buttons that are presented with the slogan follow on their blog.

There is no problem with the products, the system is pissing and I;

80 pounds per order, such as a figure I was earning a total of 2 minutes to do all these transactions . Upon arriving the order, he was only 2 minutes to fulfill my duties regarding the order.

Make money in 80 minutes on the internet in  pounds .

# Never forget that I am starting to earn 1500 – 2000 pounds per week as a university learner .

At the beginning there was only one problem that when it comes to order from gittigidiyor’den iherb I was passing the order with my own credit card and that money back again, (the cargo reaches the buyer and the buyer’s approval) took 7 days. Within these 7 days there were many orders and I did not have enough money to pass the order.You can get this right here without cost

# Fuckin ‘weird part is that even if the ads I receive the first orders for the next day. Gittigidiyor’dan 160 TL ‘comes from the order, I go and buy the product 80 poundsiherb’den , shipping address (shipping address) gittigidiyor’dan buyer’s address enters, billing (billing) address was entering my own address. After 7 days the order was received by the buyer, and he gave the approval and 160 TL was transferred to my account.

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