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With this you simply can not do anything, you can only shout this “scandal”. It is impossible to get out, because Tusk himself can be driven into a mountain horn with three questions about 30 July. For a few too fast and ill-considered moves at the stage of face-saving, the Platform has set itself in a situation where every honest analysis will somehow burden Tusk, who at best “only” lied to cover his colleagues.

Comparing the “gambling scandal” to the “Rywin affair”, Tusk is in a much worse situation than Miller, because he set up a few pitfalls with ill-considered “dupokrytki”, at the head of the Cichocki calendar. If the calendar was not published, the situation would be much more plastic. Now you can do very little, and in these hastily framed frames, today it is impossible to fit elements that came later. Like even the 30 July order.

If a much more innocent “Rywin Affair” overthrew Miller, what would have been left of Tusk, if journalists suddenly took for a reliable investigation and began to ask questions, which are simply discredited by them? The “gambling scandal” has enormous destructive potential, if journalists treat it as it deserves, support for the Platform would have halved.

This, of course, makes counting the days to the presidency of Tusk, as well as his party, media hostages. Because it’s not that Tusk’s affair is not harmful. For Tusk, it is not at all important to imagine the scandals about the scandals, which are briefly followed by media reports in which Kamiński is a villain. And maybe Tomek’s agent.
The fact that Drzewiecki helped as we could already know, his letter from June caused the removal of subsidies. We know for sure that Chlebowski (the head of the parliamentary club), Drzewiecki (the treasurer of the party), Rosół (his influential and unsinkable assistant, previously with Schetyna and Tusk) were involved in helping the lobbyists. The party leadership either knew about these activities or gave them carte blancheyour trusted people.You can get this right here without cost judi online.

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