Strict follow-up to illegal betting sites

Strict follow-up to illegal betting sites

First of all, the WhatsApp group administrator should know that his job is not only to set up the group, but to manage the group and to announce why the group was created, its goal and rules.

For example, when a relative of a group member dies, one of the group announces it to the members. Gives information about the treasure. However, not all members should express their condolences to the funeral separately. The condolence message as much as the number of groups at a time bothers the condolence owner and the members.

The group should have a purpose and shares should be within this framework.When starting the messages first, ‘first greetings and then the words’ should be acted with the motto, should be written concise. Found sentences must be understandable.


If an invoice is not issued in WhatsApp groups for money, according to the comments of the finance experts, the earnings are considered untaxed and the state is subject to tax loss. Companies trading on the internet have to declare taxes as monthly, quarterly or annually. The group manager may also define his / her service as a consultant and may also issue a self-employment receipt. In the absence of these, the state loses tax.


Someone who is a member of a group founded on Bitcoin says that they do not pay a fee while they are a member of the group. If the group member does not earn money as a result of the transaction, the group founder does not charge until the profit is transferred. The name, who is a member of the group, says that he has paid around $ 300 to the group so far and he is happy to be in the group.Now take a look at how these features of bahis analiz.

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