Telephone Service Espoo iPhone maintenance & other brands

Telephone Service Espoo iPhone maintenance & other brands

So buy a used phone from iTaps and avoid unpleasant surprises in stores with strangers. Visit our online store  and find the model you want at a reasonable price!

Most of us sometimes have a handshake and the phone screen gets harsh, but few of us know when the damage will happen next. Our test will help you determine when your phone screen is likely to crash next time ! The test results are based on a nationwide, large-scale survey of more than 1,000 people.

Test result:

  • you will be informed answers are based on when  the light of the probabilities of  your smartphone screen the next time breaks

you see how on average Finns break their smartphones and what brand of handset is at the highest risk Our business is expanding again, we opened our new store in Espoonlahti – Pikkulaiva Shopping Center!

The opening ceremony took place on Friday 15 March 2019. You will find our new shop at the end of Ulappakatu, next to Clas Ohlson and Subway.

In honor of the opening, a few diamonds offer:

  • ALL SERVICE -15% (cannot be combined with other offers)
  • YOUR PANEL GLASS INSTALLED 10 € (norm. 20 €)

Opening offers are valid from 15th to 31st March. between the little boat shop, welcome to visit! The address of the store is Ulappakatu 2, 02320 Espoo. See directions to the store here.

Central Finland has long had an opening of the size of iTapsa. After searching, we found a suitable office on Kauppakatu (no. 19) on the outskirts of Kirkkopuisto. The opening of the new store was celebrated in late April.

If you are not familiar with iTapsa then come to the store and download the famous iTapsa candies. And for your information, you can also shop online. In addition to servicing, there is a comprehensive range of new iPhone phones available. See more here .

iPhone’s iconic design and user experience was taken to a new level after a long wait with the launch of the iPhone X in late 2017. It has garnered acclaim from industry experts and will last well over a year after being released in comparison with newer models.

When it came out, the iPhone X represented unprecedented intelligence, unlimited display and endurance that competitors are trying to reach at a fast pace. However, the iPhone X continues to wrestle in its class thanks to its technology and the sleek materials of the case.

What was new on the iPhone X?

In terms of design, X’s biggest change with previous iPhone models was that the Home key at the bottom of the screen was completely removed from the phone. iPhone X lets you access the Home menu from anywhere on the screen with a single swipe.

Plus, the screen size is maximized without enlarging the phone itself. Almost the entire front of the phone has a large Super Retina HD display that makes images look more impressive with stronger contrasts and higher pixel density. The 5.8-inch display curves to rounded corners and displays crisp, bright colors and true blacks using OLED technology. You also watch breathtakingly high-definition HDR videosyou can visit this site for more knowledge Puhelinhuolto.

Samsung’s Galaxy flagship models are challengers but not winners. Samsung has long sought to compete with iPhone models by bringing new advanced Android smartphones to the iPhone challenge. Samsung’s Galaxy S8 has begun racing, and the Galaxy S9 and the recently released S10 have already been good challengers for the iPhone X and subsequent models.

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