Will Lewandowski finally end up with Real Madrid?

Will Lewandowski finally end up with Real Madrid?

Bamidel’s father, Kehinde, left him the same week he was born. Kehinde was a Nigerian millionaire. It was much better than changing diapers to get away with business. On the other hand, Alleni’s mother, Denise, liked to visit the glass regularly . Earlier she had two sons. Both with other partners.

The relationship between Kehinde and Denise did not last long. The couple parted when Dele was a child. When Alli was 8 years old, his father took him to Nigeria , more specifically to Yoruba, where he was a local king and made great money. Money, which to young Allem could not compensate for the childhood and everyday view of the beating parents. At the age of 11, Kehinde took him to Houston , and two years later to London , where he left him to his mother.

Denise found a solution to her problems in alcohol . Older brothers rather did not sympathize with Ally. No wonder that Dele hardly ever wanted to be at home. He wandered along the street with the guys from the district. The sight of drugs and weapons was no stranger to him.

Allego’s situation changed at the age of 13. Dele signed up for training to the Milton Keynes team from around North London. There he met his best friend, Harry Rickford . Rickford’s parents decided to adopt Alle, which was not opposed by the player’s mother.

Alli moved to Cosgrove , completely changed his surroundings and could concentrate on what makes him the most fun. On the ball . “He had a difficult childhood. The years he grew up made him a boy who played without fear , “says Mike Dove , head coach of the youth team at Milton Keynes Dons.

This decision changed the life of Ally, who never wanted to talk about his family anymore. The player’s career went on quickly. In 2015, he signed a contract with Tottenham . Since joining the Rooster team, his biological parents do not receive any messages from Delego. They tried to make contact with their son many times.Now take a look at how these features of 먹튀.

To no avail . The player even decided not to play Alli on the shirt. “I feel that nothing connects me with this name,” said the footballer who every day founds a T-shirt with the word ” Dele ” on his back. Also in social media you can find it only under the nickname “Dele”.

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